Finance, Controlling (FI-CO) and Accounting Challenges

GoGAEA Offshore Finance, Controlling (FI-CO) and Accounting services – The Need of The Hour !!

For any company or organization, finance and accounting isn’t a one-time task. Rather a year-long responsibility that needs extreme prudence, timeliness, and precision. Today, most companies face challenges in meeting their goals as financing and accounting are laborious and involve only excel sheets. With this modality, companies are unable to plan, forecast, and benchmark their objectives.

Did you know? 3/4th of the effort goes waste by manually entering the data into the system or existing tools. Additionally, 90% of financial spreadsheets are more prone to formula errors.

To be proactive and overcome these challenges, CFOs are bound to restructure and revamp their in-house financial tools, system, and processes. Precisely, every future company must deploy the right and flexible finance and accounting teams and tools to grow exponentially.

Why Outsource FI-CO, Accounting Services?

Finance, Controlling and Accounting Outsourcing by GoGAEA

Largely, maintaining an in-house finance and accounting team with finance specialists and consultants can cost significantly. Also, you cannot run an in-house team without a bunch of supporting staff like bookkeepers and clerks as CPAs cannot waste their time performing low-end tasks. In this case, hiring a supporting staff will add more to your expense. Thus, outsourcing finance, Controlling and accounting services turn out to be one of the best alternatives to in-house accountants/teams.

Is your company encountering any of these situations? Then, it’s high time to outsource accounting services.

  • Monthly closure always gets delayed

  • Exasperated trying to retain qualified accountants and professionals

  • Worried about data breaches when working with freelance accountants

  • Still struggling with slow or outdated financial tools and software

  • The in-house financial and accounting team fails to keep itself updated on the latest policies, finance rules, and regulations

  • Feel CPAs are doing the groundwork instead of planning for the next financial year

  • Always fails to streamline the team’s processes and best practices


GoGAEA Benefits of Outsourcing Finance, Controlling, Accounting and Bookkeeping

Outsourced Accounting Services and Advantages with GoGAEA

Well, as a company, you must first know what benefits outsourcing finance and accounting services reap.

  • They are available 24/7 and work flexibly whenever needed

  • They provide timely financial data, reports, and insights that are essential for the business to take appropriate decisions

  • They are comparatively more cost-effective than an in-house accounting team

  • They are experts in their field and thus provide informed financial decisions

  • The number or frequency of errors or mistakes in the financial data are rare as they are highly qualified and experienced

  • They help you save costs by downsizing your in-house team

  • They can simultaneously handle one or more clients or portfolios


Choosing GoGAEA for Finance, Controlling and Accounting Services

Today, companies need exceptional accountants and financial consultants that are well-skilled, knowledgeable, and handy with the latest financial software. A GoGAEA is one such great go-to company wherein you can outsource these professionals. Not only do they help you reduce your costs, but add value to your strategic business decisions.

GoGAEA is an end-to-end finance and accounting services provider that helps multiple brands or businesses overcome their challenges in managing expensive in-house or on-shore finance teams.

At GoGAEA, as an accounting outsourcing firm, we not only provide finance staffing services. But go beyond to ensure we add value in terms of accuracy, transparency, and integrity. We provide such extraordinary and quality services as our professionals are adept at international accounting standards and regulations. Also, they are adept at using financial platforms such as Oracle NetSuite, SAP, Xero, Blackline, Freshbooks, Intuit QuickBooks, MYOB, Saasu, Sage Intacct, Tallie, etc.

One specialty of our finance and accounting services outsourcing is – customized team amalgamation. Yes, based on your company’s financial services and needs, we provide a customized team with all possible specializations. Get started with reliable financial decisions!

GoGAEA’s Wide-range Finance, Controlling and Accounting Services

GoGAEA do all that finance, controlling and accounting firms do!

  1. Financial Planning

            Yearly/ quarterly budgeting, Financial Planning, Forecasting & auditing

  1. Financial Reporting

             Data collation, Financial dashboard creation

  1. Financial Analysis

            Project accounting, Financial report analysis, Commission consolidation

  1. Month- or Year-end Closure

            Tool-based balance sheets preparation and reconciliation

  1. Transaction processing

            Cloud-based transaction procession for operational expenses

  1. Accounts Payable

            Managing PO, Exception, Vendor invoice, Master Maintenance

  1. General Accounting

           Journal, Assets, Bank, Payroll, Operations, Allocations, Closing, Reporting

  1. Financial Process Automation

           Streamline the financial data capture, sharing, and workflow

  1. Accounts Receivable

           Sales order, Revenue, Customer, Billing, Pricing, Cash management


Finance, Controlling and Accounting Professionals For Outsource

Build your finance team with GoGAEA

  • Leading Financial Roles

             Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Financial analyst

  • Accountant

            Senior, Junior, Cost, Tax, Project, General accountant

  • Supporting Finance Staff

           Controller, Billing, Accounts payable, Payroll Administrator, Bookkeeper

  • Finance Manager

           Credit and Collections, Internal auditor, Financial accountant