GoGAEA BPO Turn-key offshore Office set-up, and IT Solutions provide benefits such as Operational Flexibility, Innovative Technology and Reduction in Cost for US Fortune 500 or Mid Sized Companies that want to open up their Offshore office in any of their choice of countries such as Africa, India, Philippines and Mexico.  We help those USA based companies to set up a low cost Turn-key offshore office with seamless integration with onsite operation i.e the parent company in USA and end to end solution for 30 + countries in our BPO Service Domains.

GoGAEA provides following process and support services to set up an offshore office for US companies

  • Work with your USA staff to understand country specific needs and provide expert advise in navigating complexities and requirements.

  • Customizing your offshore office structure to meet your branding needs, type of company and jurisdiction

  • Our experts work with country specific Local Government, Tax related, open Bank account, Reporting, Compliance, and Regulations.

  • Customize your Call centers and BPO office with dedicated fast speed internet connections and build data security

  • GoGAEA’s services includes but not limited to the following by meeting country specific local government regulations

    • Financial statements

    • Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Reports State Taxes and Federal Tax.

    • Payroll and Statutory Returns

    • Marketing, Sales

    • Human Resources (HR),

    • Recruitment of local talent staff with English speaking

    • Seamless Integration of on-site and off shore model with 24X7 support

Time to take setup your Offshore Office

  • 3 to 6 months depend upon your service needs and other factors applies.

Immediate Support Team Needed for an Offshore Office

  • We provide team of local accountants, HR personnel, lawyers, and payroll specialists.

Advantages of hiring GoGAEA to set-up your Offshore Office

  • Reduce your internal resources time and cost in global expansion of offshore office project

  • Not to Deal with international company state and central governments regulation, compliance in setting up your offshore office

  • Avoid Time consuming local Recruitment process


Email : contact@nagarajans5.sg-host.com for more information about pricing  and quote.